The Tender Coach - Upgrade to Success!

The Tender Coach - Theory and best practice are often two totally different things. Without theory, no best practice, but applying theory in practice is sometimes easier said than done. It is also the case if we want to win more tenders. Tendering is the term for tender processes which are mainly used to procure services and goods.

Successful tender ( tendering ) is not a sinecure. Tenders are currently more and more based on the Best Value approach. Although Best Value has been used in thousands of projects, we notice that there are still many factors unknown about the process itself. It will not sound like a surprise but lacking information about Best Value can result in losing tenders.

Tender coach, for support from A to Z

To give you insights in the world of Best Value Procurement, also referred to as Performance Sales, we can support you with a professional tender coach. A tender based on Best Value requires a different approach, a different way of working than a traditional tender. You can not compare these procurement processes with each other, you simply do not get a chance win the tender if you would use the old way of bidding.

Best Value is about the principle that you are the expert and have to show the client your knowledge and expertise.

You can certainly be that expert with knowledge, but how do you demonstrate this in a right manner to the client? Knowing that you are only allowed to submit your expertise on a few pages? Best Value Procurement has a few tweaks compared to traditional tenders, which we, as a tender coach, know about based on our own experiences working in a Best Value way. We are happy to support and explain these rules and procedures. If you hire us as a tender coach, then:

  • We will explain the do's and dont's of Best Value Procurement (BVP) Besides
  • We willl help you to write well documented quality documents and build metrics which show your expertise
  • You will understand which people you need to be succesful in winning a tender
  • We will explain how you can save resources by estimating your chances of winning a tender
  • Increase your chances and become more succesful in winning tenders
  • Is BVP supported within your organization
  • Saves you costs and time with regard to the tender process

Tender coach, strong together!

Being successful is knowing and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. Hiring us as your tender coach to have tender support in is a sign of strength. Together, we are stronger and once you have used us as a tender coach, it increases your chances to win tenders . Of course we would like to tell you more and we are eager to learn more about you and your organization. So contact your tender coach now!