Performance Sales, welcome to a changing world

Performance Sales - Everyone knows the meaning of "performance" and "sales" and understands what is meant by these words. But if these words are mentioned immediately after each other, do you still know the meaning? And if you know the meaning or know, do you know how to explain it and apply it in daily practice? In this article, we would like to tell you more about the term "Performance Sales" and what opportunities this offers to you and your organization.

Performance Sales and Procurement

Looking at the way in which both government and private companies today put their orders into the market, this usually happens by procurement using tenders. However, the manner in which tenders were executed differ from years ago, with the price and thickness of the tender document appearing to be important. Nowadays, procurement is based on Performance Sales. Other terms you may encounter in this are also "Best Value" or "BVPBest Value Procurement".

In practice, Performance Sales results in demonstrating to the client that your organization is the best partner to do business. You no longer do this on the basis of a low price only. More importantly, os that you demonstrate the extent to which you can relieve the client and deliver the services within time, budget and with a high client satisfaction. The client will, for the most part, withdraw when the contract is awarded. The client places the responsibility and thus the direction to deliver the services or project to the supplier.

How do I execute the process of Performance Sales?

Performance Sales requires another way of thinking and another way of working and acting. If you are not or not fully aware of the process around procurement and tenders using Performance Sales, you will not be able to win a tender by submitting a successfull bid. It may be clear that there are beautiful and lucrative opportunities may be lost and that is of course the last thing you want to happen.

We take you with us in the world of Best Value Procurement. Best Value Salestraining We will tell you more about the backgrounds of this approach. Theory and practice are interchanged in this interactive training and after completion of this training you have the knowledge to identify and utilize your organization's expertise used to win tenders and contracts being awarded on the basis of Performance Sales. If desired, we also provide, in whole or in part, tender support during this process in practice.

In order to really understand what we can do for you, contacting us, is all you have to do. Do not wait too long because the sooner you are well prepared for the new way of thinking and applying Performance Sales, the sooner you will be successful in this approach.