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Part of the public procurement procedures used is Best Value Procurement ( BVP ). In order to seriously take advantage and become successful in winning tenders or contracts, you simply can not do without knowledge and expertise about Best Value Procurement.

BVP, which you can also encounter under the heading "Performance Sales", requires a different way of working and thinking in comparison with the traditional way of procurement. Also, participating in these tenders, based on BVP, is different from what you are used to doing. If you not have experience you will Performance Sales be having the risk losing new projects and clients.

Best Value in a nutshell

In the traditional procurement procedure, price is a factor that weighs heavily. The tenders submitted are especially numerical and the client is in charge of the entire process. The client regularly checks the progress and quality of the work, which can slow the project and is not very cost-effective. Time for a change and increase efficiency. Here we can use Performance Sales and increase profitability for a supplier and lower costs for the client.

According to the founder of BVP, the American professor, Dean Kashiwagi, the client must be able to outsource the work to a expert supplier which should use his knowledge to get the job done. The supplier ensures transparency during the execution of the work through the use of expertise and monitoring of metrics. Consequently, the supplier does not (or hardly ever) have to engage in quality control. The supplier is responsible for his own quality control, thne client for quality assurance.

Make the turnaround

After reading the above, you understand that BVP also has an effect on participating in such a tender. There is no room left for the traditional way of working. Of course, price is still an important factor, but much more important is that you can demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and know how. This will result in lower costs for the client. What can you do for the client? The client would like to hear from you all of this, but according to an innovative process that is based on Best Value Procurement (BVP) In practice, this comes down to submitting a bid on only a few pages but selecting your best team to do so.

Best Value is future to create supplier value towards any client and gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors. As a company or organization, it is important to make a turnaround and embrace this way of working. BVP requires another way of thinking. The sooner you have the knowledge about BVP and the associated processes, the better you are able to distinguish yourself in your market. Of course, you will also be more likely to be successful in winning tenders on the market in this or just the traditional way.

Our Best Value Salestraining is the ideal way to prepare you for this future. We would like to join you in the world called Best Value Procurement or called Performance Sales. In addition to our knowledge and backgrounds, we also can tell you more about the processes that comes with BVP via our training. All of this, we do in an interactive way, where daily cases will be used as an example. You will get the tools and tips needed to successfully implement Best Value in your organization.

Is your interest aroused and do you really want to increase the chance of winning more tenders? Contact us contact us now. We would like to show you which options we have to offer you.