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The Best Value Approach (BVA) is a simple and effective method for identifying experts and letting them decide for themselves how best to execute the assignment. This way costs can be reduced and more value created.

In the Netherlands, the method is mainly seen as a purchasing method (performance procurement or BVP) of the customer that focuseson the client. As a result, BVP has no influence on project management and risk management models. BVP experts use it to lead a procurement project, but then actually disappear from the picture. This means they are no longer involved in the execution phase. Many suppliers now regard BVP as a purchasing trick. Buyers often choose elements of the method, creating hybrid forms that do not contribute to a transparent process or win-win situation.

After reading this eBook you know that BVA is an approach in which the expert supplier is central. You also read what you need to look out for when you get started, what steps you need to take to be the best supplier to be selected and what the Best Value Approach can offer you. This is more than ever essential to keep the method usable in the Netherlands in the long term.

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