Who should have more expertise, the customer or the supplier?

Best Value Procurement (BVP) is used more often these days. Both Private and public organisations are increasingly choosing this method because it offers several advantages. With BVP it is your responsibility to fulfill the expert role. By utilising your expertise, you can achieve client goals at the lowest cost.

With the Best Value method, you as a supplier have more freedom to show your performance. By stating your expertise, you can distinguish yourself as a expert supplier against your competitors. But where do you start? How to show your expertise? The methodology looks simple, but it has to be done in the right way. With quality, expertise and the right approach you can also win Best Value and MEAT or EU tenders.

Image: Best Value procurement process

Image: Best Value procurement process

We help to increase your chance of winning Best Value and MEAT tenders.

For many companies, the Best Value methodology is still unknown. As a result, they do not have a routine and therefore subscribing to Best Value or MEAT tenders is difficult.

Since 2007, customers are choosing our services training and consultancy. This means we challenge them to prove their expertise and make added value dominant. In this way, we help suppliers to be successful and improve their offer. We ask the right critical questions and help writing a proposal which is really different compared to your competitors. Due to our many years of experience, strong market knowledge and A+ certification, we ensure you are supported in every stage of preparing a competitive bid.

We have a pragmatic approach. Our analyzes and opinions are always focused on increasing efficiency, hit rates on winning tenders, order intake and profit against lower sales costs. All our customers give us a positive reference.

Also make an impact with Best Value Sales

The Best Value Approach is a (sales) leadership model. The methodology is based on logic and common sense. This is according to:

  • Be more effecitve. Less management, less control of your salespeople
  • Increase transparency by using data. Make your expert role immediately visible
  • Improve results and increase your profit

We have helped dozens of organizations to improve the sales function. With lasting positive result. Would you like to contact a reference customer? We would like to contact you with some of our satisfied customers. Send us an e-mail or call (020) 46 55 777. We will be happy to assist you.