Improve or increase Sales results?

Improving or increasing sales results is high on the agenda in many companies every year. Understandably, as sales performance improves, directly affects business results and company profits. The question is, of course, how can you achieve these objectives? Will it be more than just saying "it has our attention" or "we focus on it" or are words actually translated into actions and improvement of sales results?

Improve Sales results and hitrates on tenders

Improving sales results begins when you score new orders and orders are completed. As a company, you are getting more frequent, contracts awarded on the basis of a tender. The competition is big and you need to get well organized to have a serious opportunity to win a tender. Unfortunately, the process of procurement or tenders for many organizations still has little attention.

This is a missed opportunity because you will miss interesting new projects or finding new clients. Without knowing exactly how this happens. Does your bid meet the right conditions, are you calculating the right price, are you keeping yourself up to the deadlines and did you properly profile your company?

Improve Sales results and Best Value

Especially when it comes to the right way of profiling your organization, we find that many companies do not have enough knowledge about how to do this. It is an underestimated part of the bidmanagement process and certainly if these tenders are awarded based on the Best Value approach. You are the one who must show the client dominantly that your company has the right experience and expertise to complete the job. Marketing language is simply not enough.

As a company, you should make your expertise dominant based on measurable facts and figures. The process around Best Value is strict and deviates from the traditional way of procurement, which could result in losing the tender. Your bid is minimized by the page limit, so you have to be smart on how to show your expertise. A clear understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses is therefore necessary. And, therefore, this is the first step in the goal you formulated, namely to improve sales results.

Increase sales results with our Best Value Salestraining

To bring you more knowledge, background and understanding of the Best Value methodology, we have developed the Best Value Salestraining. This training contributes to your goals to increase sales, because after this training you know everything about Best Value tenders and how to utilize expertise. After following this training you are significantly more likely to win contracts. This is because all Best Value elements are discussed.

You will learn the backgrounds, but also its application in daily practice. Furthermore, topics as how to raise undetstanding within your organization will create and increase the chances of winning tenders by applying SMART metrics to showcase your expertise and added value. Our training is provided by trainers who have earned their traces in practice and meet the highest certification, A+.

Also for traditional procurement

Our Best Value Salestraining is also of value to traditional MEAT procurement and tenders. The insights you have gained help you to distinguish clearly from the competition. You make your expertise and experience easily clear to clients, which makes you more likely to win new clients. So, also for traditional tenders you can use lessons learned during this innovative salestraining.

Improve your Sales results - Make a first step

After reading the above, you know what step you should take first to improve your sales results. We are the first step for you and therefore we are happy to follow up on your email or phone call. Take this first step today and let us know, what we can do for you.