Tendering - The new way of thinking, working and acting

In the public sector, many contracts are awarded today through procurement processes. We see many different procurement procedures used in the public sector. A term that you often encounter in the private sector when it comes to this topic is "tender". And where the public sector is mostly talking MEAT tender, the private sector often chooses tender as a name for this process.

Tendering, are you familiar with it?

When an project is awarded by a tender, we will see more often this is done by using the Best Value Procurement (BVP) method. BVP, also known as Performance Sales, is a way of working that many organizations are not familiar with well. Unknown often makes unnoticed, but in the case of a tender through the BVP method, you must be aware of the potential opportunity to show your expertise. Because with the right knowledge and the right way of working, thinking and acting, you can be one step ahead of the competition and you're more likely to win this type of tenders.

The Best Value philosophy feels that Management, direction and contro done by a client is inefficient and prefers the supplier identifying and utilizing expertise. You may think this is a simple, which it should be, but how do you look at this if knowing you are allowed only to deliver 6 pages in your submital, explaining your are the most Best Value supplier for this client? Best Value or performance based bidding requires knowledge of the process, requires knowledge of the terms it must meet and requires commitment from your entire company or organization.

Tendering, you're not alone in this!

With regard to registration on tenders, you can of course do it yourself and reinvent the wheel doing so. Do you realize that your chances of successful bidding will not be very high if you are lacking knowledge. In addition, you can ask yourself whether you can afford to lose big and appealing project for your organization. Have more assurance and let us be your guide in the world that is called tendering.

We would like to invite you for our interactive salestraining, which not only brings you the knowledge and backgrounds of the various procurement procedures, but also gives you the tools to apply this knowledge into your daily practice. The Best Value training training is very pratical, discussing actual cases and is given by certified trainers who know from their own experience what tenders are all about and what you need to do to win them. Besides training you can also choose to have tender support in , which we will assist you with support and expertise throughout the bidding process in a tender.

As mentioned, you are not alone. Want to know more about this? Do not wait any longer and contact us now. We tell you more about the different options.