Tender support - We improve the chance of winning tenders

Tender support required? Best Value Procurement (BVP) is increasingly used in purchasing projects. The buyer no longer indicates in detail how the project or services should be executed. More expertise is expected from you. The expert's know-how will reduce costs. This is a great opportunity for your business, but how do you handle it? What is the best way to write your bid?

You are an expert in your field, but how do you show this expertise to your prospects in tender processes? We will tell you and support you to make your bids stand out.

There are many questions about the Best Value Approach

  • How do you apply in the Best Value method? What actions are necessary?
  • How can you acquire knowledge about BVP in a short period?
  • What is the fastest way to get information from your organization?
  • How do you compose qualitative and well-substantiated documents?
  • Who in your organization should you involve in the project to deliver services?
  • How big is your chance of winning? How much revenue will be generated and what are the costs?

The successful completion of a Best Value procurement process requires the right knowledge and professional approach.

Working with BVP requires thorough in-depth knowledge of Best Value Procurement. Our Certified and Experienced Best Value Sales Experts work fast and pragmatically. They help you with knowledge and experience to win bids.

What benefits does tender support provide you?

  • Our experts ensure that the Best Value Approach is well understood in the entire organization
  • You build knowledge and experience with BVP. This gives your organization and your people confidence in future tenders
  • You save time and money in the procurement process
  • You increase the opportunity to get more clients
  • You can focus on your expertise

Our tender support is customized and tailored to your needs. Flexible support and consultancy is always possible. Together with you, we will win Best Value and MEAT tenders. Our slogan is "We are in it, to win it". We can of course only help you win a tender if you contact us now.