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Starcheck Predicts how a person will function in his or her role. With assessments and games, combining expertise and fun. Designed from a individuals experience, for sourcing, recruitment and career issues.
Marco van Aarle is a registry psychologist NIP / labor and organization. He is co-founder of Starcheck and has 25 years of experience in the assessment industry. Of which 20 years as a business owner. At Starcheck, he is responsible for the assessment practice and the design of psychometric attributes measurement systems for games. Responsible for design and implementation of assessment programs at Unilever, Ordina, ASML, Cap Gemini and ABN AMRO.
You become better through training. And if you get better, it is also more fun.SPOKENtrains everyone who wants to increase the impact of his or her story. Who wants to be better at presenting. Whether you have a lot of experience or not
As a graduated psychologist and following a commercial careerFROUKE KRAMERsince 2009 her heart: present and how others (even) better to make. Frouke has a strong talent for giving constructive feedback and can move very well in her clients, always based on the strength of the other. She worked with media and presentation trainer Judith Bosch, among others. In her approach as trainer and coach, Frouke is analytical, positive, critical and always has useful tips ready for her experience. She is also active as a voice-over and regularly acts as a day chairman at lectures and conferences.
BCMX.nlmakes customer value measurable. Integrity in sales, marketing and communication through measurable and verifiable distinctive character and added value. The target? Achieve more sales and better business results.
Bart Meindersma(1972) - Has more than 20 years experience in procurement and (European) tenders (> 75), both in the private and public sector. Has experienced that selling parties hardly (can) distinguish themselves. This often leads to win-lose situations between purchasing and selling parties. From this experience he works with energy and passion to create customer value, distinctive character and added value for companies and individuals in B2B environments. Thinking in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and creating results. He uses a holistic view of things. He is proficient in the Best Value Approach and has a Best Value B + certificate. He is the founder and owner of Probuylogic and BCMX.nl.
CompanyEMVI PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTsupplies software to companies for making performance measurable. Companies use this software to reduce tender costs and increase the chances of winning. The software is linked to CROW's national Past Performance database, which means that contractors in the infrastructure that work with this software have a greater chance of being invited for private assignments.
Leen Valkowns EMVI performance measurement. With his team (6 fte), he wants to be a leader in NL in the field of measuring performance, with the aim of increasing the distinctive character with lower tender costs. Leen gives weekly trainings, workshops and seminars (average grade for 2017: 8.7 out of 10)
Best Value pointeris software based on the Best Value approach. An important pillar within the Best Value approach is steering for deviations in weekly risk reporting (WRR). Best Value Pointer contains the module 'Weekly' where this WRR is set up and sent in no time. All projects that are reported with the Weekly flow together in the directors reporting that quickly provides dominant management information.
Marcel Niemeijeris developer of Best Value pointer. His vision is that dominant information forms the basis for smarter and more effective collaboration. Marcel provides tenders and training from his company Onlanders.