Interview training

A Best Value tender requires more then a bid including the lowest costs and best performance. After your quality documents have been reviewed, you could be invited for the individual interviews of your core team members, needed to deliver the services. Did you know that the interview is often highest weighted of the selection criteria within a Best Value tender? With our interview training, we can provide additional skills to the people who are interviewed during a Best Value tender.

The interview is decisive

The key team members of your team are invited for the interview. They play a crucial role in the execution phase delivering the services once the client has made an award of the tender. Your team must have been involved in drafting your submittal so they understand what the client requires. It is therefore important that these individuals understand the needs of the client and know exactly how to achieve these goals. Their know-how and experience are critically reviewed. The most optimal preparation for the interview is your ticket to the clarification phase of a Best Value tender.

Selection phase filters Best Value

Image: Best Value Selection Filters

With our interview training, you can win this Best Value tender

We offer interactive and pragmatic training, fully focused on showing expertise during the interview. To begin with, the interviewees must know all the ins and outs of the project. Getting informed about the interview is step one. During the training we will improve your skills in the following areas:

  • How can your team expertise be best shown?
  • You will learn how to communicate verifiable performance information clearly and vigorously
  • Through role play, you will learn what is important during the interview and how others perceive your actions
  • Do not forget the power of a winning outfit!

The trainer

The training is given by Jolanda Lempers. She has Best Value Certification A+ (IMT, PIPS, Train the Trainer) and more than 8 years of experience as image consultant, helping > 500 clients. Within the 4 phases of a Best Value tender, the interview training is her absolute expertise. She knows perfectly how content and looks can enhance each other, resulting in a winning impression in the interview.


There is room for up to 4 participants. The training we offer incompany. Please contact us for more information. We are pleased to tell you more about our training and services.