Interview training (Best Value), do not underestimate it!

Interview training - Projects will be awarded more often by using tender processes. This is not completely new, of course. However, today we see a strong increase in procurement methodologies, such as Best Value Sales or Best Value Procurement (BVP). A third term that you can hear about is Performance Sales, when you look at this process from the sales side. The idea that BVP is used only in the public sector is incorrect. More and more, Performance Sales is also applied in the private sector.

Interview training and BVP

As a client, you should never need the knowledge and expertise that the contractor has. Because otherwise you would not need to outsource any job. Why not take advantage of the suppliers expertise? In other words, why not release the client's control, and identify and utilize the suppliers expertise? This is exactly the idea behind Best Value Procurement. Let the supplier do what he is good at and create transparency in which the client can see he is. This saves the client a lot of time, energy and, of course, money for parties involved.

Interview training (Best Value), an important filter in the selection process

Successfully picking up a tender or tender is not an easy job. You will need to know exactly what BVP is and what its associated process. This method of procurement requires a different approach compared to the traditional way of tendering. You must demonstrate that your company or organization has the expertise to do the project.

Using your expertise is done through a number of steps, one of which is the interview. It should be clear that this step can not be underestimated. For showing on paper that you are the most suitable party to make award is the first filter, to do so in an interview is the second filter of the selection process. The interview of your key team members therefore weights heavily in a Best Value tender as a selection criteria.

In this interview the client can be extremely critical. Rightly, because he wants to give the best value supplier the project. It is therefore of the utmost importance that your key teammembers know all ins and outs of the submittal. It is about demonstrating the right knowledge, know-how and expertise, and you can simply not afford to have the client do the talking.

However, there is more than substantive knowledge that comes with an interview regarding Best Value Procurement. These are matters such as personal presentation, the right choice of words, the correct way of bringing the message and yes, even the choice of clothes should be taken into account. Most of these items can be trained and we would like to assist you through our interview training (Best Value).

The interview training (Best Value) can be provided in-company for up to four people. This way, personal attention is guaranteed. Our interview training (Best Value) is given by a trainer who is A+ certified and in addition has a broad experience as an image consultant. Once you have followed the interview training (Best Value), you will always be able to demonstrate your expertise , thus increasing your chance of successful winning tenders and new projects.

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