The BVP tender ... ... are you ready for it?

BVP procurement - The world around us is changing at a rapid pace. It's the art to keep up with these change around us, because this is the only way today to stay successful as a company or organization. In this case, it is not just about technical changes, but also about changes in how customers in the market award new work or request services. A good example of these changes can be seen in the procurement process.

Traditionally, we are used that the client determines everything. He is in control from A to Z and controls every step of the process. Not only time consuming, but also relatively expensive for the client. It seems logic when outsourcing services, the supplier is the expert, having more knowledge and should know better than the client. In this regard, there is a clear change in the procurement process. This is called Best Value procurement a methodology which was introduced 10 years years ago in the Netherlands and is in the process of a changing procurement in other countries in- and outside Europe.

BVP tender

BVP stands for Best Value Procurement, on the sales side, also known as Performance Sale or Best Value Sales. The founder of Best Value Procurement is the American professor Dean T. Kashiwagi. His theory is as brilliant as simple. Why does a client not focus on identifying and utilizing on the suppliers expertise? And here is how this can be done by running a BVP tender. The client will put out an new job and a supplier or organization can participate in a this tender.

Subscribe to a BVP tender

This registration sounds very simple, but the practice is quite different in this case. A BVP tender has several tweaks which makes it different from the traditional procurement processes. In short, it will not be possible to submit big documents with only marketing information, with having a low price being the most important selection criteria. No, even multi million BVP tenders will reduce the paper submitted and will only be focussed on dominant information or also known as metrics identifying your performance. In doing so you demonstrate that your company is the most appropriate party to be awarded the tender and contract to do the job.

Support for your BVP tender?

Best Value Procurement is increasingly common in both the public and private sectors. Waiting is not an option, as you will miss interesting new jobs by losing tenders. Make sure you know the ins and outs of Performance Sales. We have lots of practice experience and are pleased to help you at any moment during any tender.

You can also contact us for example for an Best Value Training, interview training, to have tender support in and more.

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