Best Value Training

Best Value Training or BVP - Time changes everything and that in itself is nothing new. In order to stay successful, it's important that you take part in these changes. Stagnation is deterioration, which needs no further explanation. We see many changes in the way companies procure now and in near future. Traditionally, it is the client who sents out the requirements and is in control from the very beginning. This meant, for example, as a supplier or salesperson, that you had relatively limited input in the whole process of purchasing, despite your great knowledge and expertise.

Best Value Training (BVP)

But, as said, there is a clear turnaround. This turnaround is called Best Value Sales and the chance is that you and your organization will be affected by this. The idea behind Best Value Sales is that not the client, but the supplier is the one with the right expertise and knowledge. In this case, a client is outsourcing many services to those who really understand. Outsourcing projects based on BVP ( Best Value Procurement ) are gaining popularity both the public and the private sector. This includes, for example, large ICT projects being outsourced based on Best Value Procurement or Best Value principles.

Best Value Workshop

You understand that, as this process also is called, Performance Sales is a completely different way of thinking and working for the suppliers. Do not think about this approach too lightly, because when you do this you will miss big and important projects at new clients. It is therefore recommended to follow a BVP Training. A Best Value Training gives you more insight into the Performance Sales process. Of course, best practices is the starting point at any of our Best Value trainings. The basic principles around BVP are explained to you in an interactive way, and this helps you to apply the best value ideas of put Best Value Sales into your daily practice. In addition, the training teaches you to see and recognize opportunities. But during these Best Value Workshops, attention is also paid to pitfalls and how to bypass them.

BVP training of an A + certified Best Value Expert

Our Best Value training goes beyond just teaching you in this subject. It also gives you and your organization new ways to create support in your company for this way of thinking and working. The BVP training also gives attention to how you can implement the changes in your organization. In this manner, you anchor Best Value Sales in your company which makes it sustainable in the long term. Our Best Value training is given by a qualified trainer (highest qualification Best Value certification A+) who knows about every element of BVP. The ideal person to make you the Best Value Expert. This Best Value training is intended for sales managers, suppliers and buyers. Check out our references.

Also become a Best Value expert?

If you want to be a serious partner showing dominant Sales Performance to your Clients, you simply can not do without our Best Value Training. Also become a Best Value Expert and increase the chances of winning new tenders.

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