Best Value Sales and support

How do you develop the experts in your own organization?

We help you and your organization to differentiate yourself from your competitors to make a bigger impact at your customers. Knowledge about Best Value Sales is valuable. Not only the public sector, but also many private owned companies have become familiar with the Best Value approach. For example, it is more common to use Best Value procurement outsourcing IT projects. We can tailor training for your market and industry. Do you want to benefit from this new methodology of buying and selling? Choose our Best Value training.

What will you learn during our Best Value training?

  • We will learn you the basic techniques and the way of thinking focused on increasing value towards your clients
  • How can Best Value be best implemented in such a way it last and is sustainable within your organization?
  • The processes will be explained by practical examples
  • Applying statistics and data (metrics) to show your expertise
  • What are the pitfalls, and how do you avoid these from happening?
  • We ensure changes in your business. This will give you lasting results
  • Recognize which opportunities you may have in selling your services or goods

Your Best Value trainer

The Best Value Sales training is given by Pascal Evertz. He has the highest qualification A+ in delivering Best Value projects, making him the ideal person to transfer his knowledge. He is also a member of the certification board of the Best Value Netherlands Association.

Participation and Best Value certification

The two-day training Best Value Sales deals with theory and offers participants best practices and usefull new insights. You will learn to make the transition from the current way of working to Best Value Sales approach. After this training, you will have the knowledge to bring Best Value sales into practice and will receive a certificate B level from which this is shown.

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