The Best Value tender is here to stay!

Best Value tender - Changes are not only fast today, they are generally also of a disruptive nature. Not accepting change is often not a good practise to survive in business. As an organization, in most cases, you can choose to learn from change. It will never be as it used to be. New ways of thinking and working give your organization a head start on the competition.

The above is certainly true when we look into the phenomenon of procurement. Many jobs and most outsourced work are awarded through procurement. This is not just a domestic affair but more and more a European one too. In addition, tendering takes place in both the public and private sector. tendering called. Examples of tenders are large infrastructure jobs or, for example ICT outsourcing projects. The traditional way of procuring that primarily determines low bidding is no longer sufficient to win tenders and not a method to identify expertise. Best Value procurement has been introduced as a new method to identify and utilize expertise.

What makes a Best Value tender so special?

A Best Value tender or BVP tender we may find special. The expectation is that in short term, we will be used to this approach and services and goods will be procured for the most part in this way. Best Value assumes that the expertise and knowledge of the person assigned the project should be leading in selecting a supplier. In a Best Value tender, the price is not the only criteria. You will have to demonstrate that your organization has the right knowledge, experience and expertise to complete the project successfully. After the project, the client relies on the suppliers expertise and knowledge indicated. By doing so the supplier can become more efficient, which will result in work executed will be more cost-effective. Creating a win-win in which the client has lower cost and the supplier can make a higher profit.

Subscribe to a Best Value tender

Best Value works in fact for both client and supplier as it minimizes management, direction and control. Both parties know what they are up to and what is expected of them. Participating in a Best Value tender is no sinecure. You should comply with a number of strict conditions. One of these conditions is that you should use dominant information in which you prove your performance and capabilities to do the job. In only a few pages in your bid, you need to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. Of course, you have keep your costs below the maximum budget defined by the client. In this selection phase, the interview is also a major component of the process that can not be underestimated. The next phase is the phase in which you clarify your plans and when you do this correctly, you will be awarded a contact to execute the project.

Successfully win a Best Value tender

A Best Value tender is not easy if you never have been participating in one before. You will need to ensure that a Best Value's mindset is anchored throughout your organization. We will help you to increase your chances of winning a Best Value tender. We offer different Best Value training programs which are given by qualified experts who have gained a lott of experience in bidmanagement en procurement processes. In addition, we act as a coach and we are always available to give support and advice before, during and after a tender.

Do not wait and take the lead. You can do this today contact us. We would like to show you what we can do for you, your organization and your employees.